About Me


My name is Jared Junyoung Lim, and I am a junior studying Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics at Cornell University, College of Engineering. My professional aspiration lies on Machine Learning and Full Stack Development.

I’m passionate about building softwares accessible, scalable, and impactful, and conducting research on mathematical formulation behind machine learning algorithms, not to mention delving into diverse libraries and tools available for AI development.

On campus, I am the Education Lead of Cornell Data Science and creater/co-lecturer of our machine learning course.

I am also a backend engineer at Cornell AppDev, and have been working on the backend of the Ithaca Transit, a live bus tracking iOS App for Cornell students and Ithaca residents. In Fall 2018, I served as an undergraduate TA for Theory of Computing (CS 4810).

I joined Professional Engineering Fraternity Theta Tau in Fall 2017, as a part of Nu Class.